The purpose of this blog. (This text is in English and Interlingua.)

“Interlingua in Interlingua,” a title that is simultaneously in Interlingua and English, has been established to be a resource for students of Interlingua and its source languages.

Interlingua is a planned language based on the elements that are common to Latin, English, French, Italian, and Spanish/Portuguese, considered as a single language.

Interlingua can be used alone in a variety of international-communication environments. It is also an excellent bridge language for students of its source languages.

If you know one or two of the source languages of Interlingua, you can use Interlingua to study its other source languages. The careful comparison of similar multilingual texts in these languages, with the possible aid of grammar books describing these languages, will greatly facilitate your studies.

Because the grammar of Interlingua is very simple, it has been used to introduce students to the study of languages in general and to increase their confidence as students of languages.

I am presenting this blog as a resource for language students interested in this way of studying languages. All the users of this blog are free to copy and republish its texts—and even to re-edit them for personal uses or for the production of new resources for language students. These texts form part of the creating commons of cyberspace that I want to make freely available for language students in all parts of the world.

“Interlingua in interlinglua”, un titulo que es simultaneemente in interlingua e anglese, se ha establite como un resource pro students de interlingua e su linguas fonte.

Interlingua es un lingua planificate con un base sur le elementos commun a latino, al anglese, al francese, e al espaniol/portugese, considerate como un sol lingua.

On pote usar solmente interlingua in un varietate de ambientes de communication international. Illo anque es un lingua ponte excellente pro studentes de su linguas fonte.

Si vos cognosce un o duo del linguas fonte de interlingua, vos pote usar Interlingua pro studier su altere linguas ponte. Le comparation attente de simile textos multilingue in iste linguas, con le possibile adjuta de libros de grammatica que describe iste linguas, facilitara grandemente vostre studios.

Como le grammatica de interlingua es multo simple, on lo ha usate pro introducer studentes al studio de linguas in general e pro augmenter lor confidentia como studentes de linguas.

Io presenta iste blog como un ressource pro studentes de linguas interessate in iste maniera de studiar linguas. Omne le usatores de iste blog es libere a copiar e republicar su textos—e mesme a facer nove redactiones de illos pro usos personal o pro le production de nove resources pro studentes de linguas. Iste textos forma parte del “creative commons” del cyberspatio que io vole facer liberemente disponibile al studentes de linguas in omne le partes del mundo.


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