Le barrieras presentate per multe ressources in Internet pro studentes de linguas

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Io ha observate que multe del ressources disponibile in le Rete pro studiar interlingua e altere linguas ha barrieras electronic multo regrettabile, que include le necessitate de abonar se al sito e identificar se a illo con contrasignos, sovente con barrieras economic, a cambio de materias sovente de basse qualitate. Le interfacies a iste sitos e lor formatos electronic sovente es inhabile e distrahente con, pro exemplo, illustrationes que non appoia ben lor contento o annuncios, le quales, regrettabilemente, sovente non pote esser facilemente eliminate.

Le contento de “Interlingua multilingue” e “Interlingua in interlingua”, del altere parte, es basic e directe e facile de copiar e manipular pro projectos de studio. Un excellente maniera de studiar interlingua es copiar le textos de iste sitos e traducer los a vostre linguas native pro producer textos bilingue. Si durante iste processo vos modifica le textos original pro facer los corresponder plus exactemente a vostre traductiones, vostre travalios pote devenir un ressource multo utile pro studentes de interlingua e vostre linguas native si vos los publica.

Pro dicer le veritate, on pote dicer que rediger le textos de “Interlingua multilingue” ha essite pro me un excellente serie de exercitios de traduction e redaction, le quales io offere gratuitemente a omne vos como un ressource facilemente disponibile pro vostre proprie studios.

The barriers presented by many resources on the Internet for students of Interlingua for language students

I have noticed that many of the resources available on the Net for studying Interlingua and other languages have very regrettable electronic barriers, which include the need to subscribe to the site and identify oneself to it with passwords, often with economic barriers, in exchange for often low-quality materials. The interfaces to these sites and their electronic formats are often clumsy and distracting with, for example, illustrations that do not support their content well or advertisements which, unfortunately, cannot be easily eliminated.

The content of “Interlingua multilingue” and “Interlingua in interlingua,” on the other hand, is basic and direct and easy to copy and manipulate for study projects. An excellente way of studying Interlingua is by copying the texts of these sites and translating them to your native languages to produce bilingual texts. If during this process you modify the original texts to make them correspond more exactly to your translations, your work can become a very valuable resource for students of Interlingua and your native languages if you publish them.

To tell the truth it can be said that editing the texts of “Interlingua multilingue” has been for me an excellent series of translation and editing exercises, which I offer to all of you at no cost as an easily available resource for your own studies.


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