Le rito de infibulation a Roma?

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Le pressa italian ha publicate un articulo dicente que in duo hospitales de Roma tres medicos ha facite in feminas african le operation del infibulation. Isto es un rito barbare de initiation al qual son submittite le pueras ante le pubertate in multe paises african (Mali, Somalia, Senegal, e Capo Verde), ben que lor governamentos face effortios pro discoragiar lo.

In iste paises le operation veni executate per magos o ancian feminas del village, e illo consiste in le amputation del clitoride e le sutura del grande labios del vulva. Si le juvene feminas supervive al infectiones causate per le manco de hygiene, le prime nocte de matrimonio e super toto le prime parto deveni pro illas un tormento.

Le infibulation, que pote evenir anque sin le clitoridectomia, es de facto un cinctura de castitate que assecura al homine le virginitate feminin, virtute que conserva preso ille populationes african un grande valor moral.

Ma como poteva evenir le execution de iste rito in le hospitales de Roma, quando in iste citate vive al minus dece pueras african qui son filias del diplomaticos al ambassadas e consulatos de ille paises? Iste diplomaticos es gente cultivate qui, sin dubita, refusa de submitter lor filias a un tal rito horribile de initiation tribal. In le hospitales roman il ha habite operationes chirurgic pro restituer a multe feminas african qui vive a Roma como travaliatores domestic le anatomia genital que un consuetude ancestral horrende habeva claudite quasi completemente.

Le operation de “contra-infibulation,” como on pote nominar lo, es certemente un intervention chirurgic que omne gynecologo deberea executar con satisfaction proque illo restitue a un femina le condition natural de su partes intime e reduce le dolores que illa forsan sentirea al consummation del matrimonio e al prime parto.

Necuno deberea criticar le Servicio Sanitari National de Italia si illo, per medio de su hospitales public, offere gratuitemente al feminas african le possibilitate de reacquirer le integritate physic que le natura las habeva donate al momento del nascentia.

(Per Hugo Pellegrini, publicate in “Panorama”, No. 3, maio-junio 1988, republicate in “Interlingua in interlingua”)

The rite of Infibulation in Rome?

The Italian press has published an article saying that in two of Rome’s hospitals three physicians have performed infibulation operations. This is a barbarous initiation rite which girls are submitted to before puberty in many African countries (Mali, Somalia, Senegal, and Cape Verde), though their governments are making efforts to discourage it.

In these countries the operation is performed by sorcerers or old women in the village, and it consists of amputating the clitoris and sewing together the labia majora of the vulva. If the young women survive the infections caused by the lack of hygiene, the first night of matrimony and the first act of giving birth become incredibly painful for them.

Infibulation, which can happen even without a clitorectomy, is in fact a chastity belt that assures a man of a woman’s virginity, a virtue that continues to have a great moral value among African populations.

But how was this rite able to take place in the hospitals of Rome, when in this city live at least ten African girls who are daughters of the diplomats at the embassies and consulates of those countries? These diplomats are cultivated people who no doubt would refuse to submit their daughters to such a horrible tribal initiation rite. In Roman hospitals there have been surgical operations to restore to many African women who live in Rome as domestic workers their genital anatomy that a horrendous ancestral custom had closed up almost completely.

The “contra-infibulation” operation, as it can be called, is certainly a surgical intervention that every gynecologist should perform with satisfaction because it restores to a woman the natural condition of her intimate parts and reduces the pain that she perhaps would feel on consummating her marriage and during her first period of labor.

No one should criticicize the National Health Service of Italy if it, through its public hospitals, offers African women at no cost the possibility of regaining the physical integrity that nature had given them at the moment of birth.

(By Hugo Pellegrini, published in “Panorama,” No. 3, May-June, 1988, republished in “Interlingua in interlingua”)


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