Robots homocida in Japon

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

In un fabrica japonese, un robot recentemente activava un torno, occidente un obrero. Qual era le causa? Un unda electromagnetic producite per un scintilla electric proveniente de un grue.

Iste incidente, occurrite in 1982, se revelava in un recente studio super le “smog” electronic publicate per un consilio del ministerio japonese del postas e telecommunicationes. Le fontes de iste “smog”, o undas electronic indesirabile, son ubique: computatores personal, jocos de video, e amplificatores de antennas de television, pro citar solmente alcun exemplos.

Nonobstante se dice que iste undas interfere con le circuitos integrate del sophisticatissime systemas de controlo que provocava le malfunctionamento. In Japon le robots ha ja occidite dece personas durante le ultime octo annos. Se suspecta que sex de iste accidentes esseva provocate per le undas electromagnetic.

(Per Dennis Lane Martínez, publicate in “Panorama,” No. 3, maio-junio 1988 e republicate in “Interlingua in interlingua”)

Homocidal Robots in Japan

In a Japanese factory, a robot recently turned on a lathe, killing a worker. What was the cause? An electromagnetic wave produced by an electric spark coming from a crane.

This incident, which took place in 1982, was revealed in a recent study on electronic “smog” published by a council of the Japanese Ministry of Mail and Telecommunications. The sources of this “smog,” or undesirable electronic waves, are everywhere: personal computers, video games, and television antenna amplifiers, to cite just a few examples.

Nevertheless it is said that these waves interfere with the sophisticated integrated control systems that provoked the malfunction. In Japan, robots have already killed ten people in the last eight years. It is suspected that six of these accidents were provoked by electromagnetic waves.

(By Dennis Lane Martinez, published in “Panorama,” No. 3, May-June, 1988, and republished in “Interlingua in interlingua”)


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