Le crise economic e le production de pornographia in Los Angeles

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Nina Hartley deveniva un actrice pornographic in 1984. Illa ha devenite famose in le industria e ha multe fans, e totevia il ha multe demanda pro su servicios mesmo si illa ha le etate de 50 annos.

Ma illa non ha multe travalio iste dies. “Le anno passate io faceva un film cata septimana, ma nunc io pote facer un film nove solmente cata mense”, dice illa.

Le industria pornographic de Los Angeles es concentrate in le parte nord del citate in le San Fernando Valley, cognoscite como “the Valley” al angelenos. Usque nunc, iste industria non ha suffrite in previe crises economic, ma le situation es serie iste dies.

Larry Flynt, qui publica le magazin pornographic “Hustler”, ha demandate que le governamento federal provide $6 billion pro fortificar le industria. Usque nunc, le administration de Obama non ha respondite a ille.

Le major parte del industria consiste de parve companias que produce videos pornographic. Le numero exacte es un secreto, ma Mark Kernes, un redactor a “Adult Video News”, un magazin que coperi le industria pornographic como “Variety” coperi le industria cinematic traditional, dice que companias pornographic habeva receptas de $6 billion in 2007 ante le crise, le major parte de illos in venditas de DVDs.

Diane Duke, le director del “Free Speech Coalition”, que appoia le industria pornographic, crede que le rentas del industria ha cadite per 30-50% durante le anno passate. “Un productor que io cognosce me ha dicite que su receptas ha cadite per 80%”, dice illa.

Durante que the Valley poteva facer 5.000-6.000 films cata anno, dice Kernes, illo nunc face forsan 3.000-4.000. Alicun companias que produceva films pornographic se ha claudite.

Pro le 1.200 actores pornographic active, isto significa reductiones in lor rentas assatis grande. Un juvene actrice sin le reputation de Diane Duke poteva ganiar $1.000 pro un film ante le crise. Ma nunc un tal actrice pote reciper solmente $800.

Le homines qui es actores in le industria se trova in un pejor position economic. Si illes recipeva $500 in 2007, illes nunc es fortunate si illes pote ganiar $300.

Ma le crise economic actual es solmente parte del problema. Internet, con multe videos pornographic gratis, ha reducite le demanda pro DVDs pornographic. Multes de iste videos es producite per dilettantes e non per professionales. Ma multes ex iste dilettantes ha le mesme corpores e le mesme talentos del professionales, e il pare que le industria pornographic va a remaner in un stato de crise economic permanente–mesmo si nostre governamento federal dedica $6 billiones pro stimular le industria.

The recession and the production of pornography in Los Angeles

Nina Hartley became a pornographic actress in 1984. She has become famous in the industry and has a lot of fans, and still there is a great deal of demand for her services, even if she is fifty years old.

But she does not have very much work these days. “Last year I made a film each week, but now I can make a new film only once a month,” she says.

The pornography industry in Los Angeles is concentred in the northern part of the city in the San Fernando Valley, known simply as “the Valley” to Angelenos. Up to now, this industry has not suffered in previous recessions, but the situation is serious these days.

Larry Flynt, who publishes the pornographic magazine “Hustler,” has asked the federal government to give $6 billion to strengthen the industry. Up to now, Obama’s administration has not answered him.

Most of the industry consists of small companies that produce pornographic videos. The exact number is a secret, but Mark Kernes, an editor at “Adult Video News,” a magazine that covers the pornography industry the way “Variety” covers the traditional film industry, says that pornography companies had an income of $6 billion in 2007 before the recession, most of it consisting of DVD sales.

Diane Duke, the director of the “Free Speech Coaliation,” which supports the pornography industry, believes that the industry’s income has fallen by 30-50% during the past year. “One producer that I know told me that his income has fallen by 80%,” she says.

While the Valley was able to make 5,000-6,000 films a year, says Kernes, it now makes perhaps 3,000-4,000. Some companies that produced pornographic films have closed.

For the 1,200 active pornography actors, this means rather large reductions in their incomes. A young actress without the reputation of Diane Duke could earn $1,000 for a film before the recession. But now such an actress can get only $800.

Men who are actors in the industry are in a worse economic position. If they got $500 in 2007, they are now lucky if they can get $300.

But the current recession is only part of the problem. The Internet, with many free pornographic videos, has reduced the demand for pornographic DVDs. Many of these videos are produced by amateurs and not by professionals. But many of these amateurs have the same bodies and the same talents that the professionals do, and it seems that the pornography industry is going to remain in a state of permanent economic crisis–even if our federal government dedicates $6 billion to stimulate the industry.


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