Le phocas policieros

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Dum lor collegas in Florida e in California apprende a tener in equilibrio un ballon de plagia super le naso o a facer altere jocos interessante, in Nove York actualmente alcun phocas se traina pro realisar le labor del policia.

On los insenia a extraher pistolas jectate in aqua, e il anque ha le possibilitates de inseniar los a recuperar drogas e altere articulos de contrabando jectate a in le aqua, a prender photos subaquatic, e a trovar altere objectos in le aqua.

Stanley, un phoca commun de duo annos de etate ha addite a su repertorio le capacitate de aperir le cinctura de securitate super un persona immerse. On spera que iste habilitate sia utile pro recuperar cadaveres.

(per Dennis Lane-Martínez, publicate in “Panorama”, No. 3, maio-junio 1990 e republicate in “Interlingua in interlingua”)

While their colleagues in Florida and California are learning to balance a beach ball on their noses or to do other interesting tricks, in New York right now some seals are being trained to do police work.

They are being taught to bring back pistols thrown into the water, and there are also the possibilities of teaching them to recover drugs and other contraband items thrown into the water, to take underwater photos, and to find other objects in the water.

Stanlely, an ordinary two-year-old seal has added to his skills the ability to open up the security belt on people who are under water. It is hoped that this ability will be useful for finding dead bodies.

(by Dennis Lane-Martinez, published in “Panorama,” No. 3, May-June, 1990, and republished in “Interlingua in interlingua”)


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