Il nunc es possibile producer grande quantitates del seta de telas de aranea.

(Langauges of this post: Interlingua, English)

Il es meraviliose vider como se extende un tela de aranea sin rumper se quando un musca lo colpa lo a plen velocitate. Le ingenieros in cerca de materiales que sia al mesme tempore legier e resistente ha invidiate le aranea pro su filo de seta.

Ma ora qualque biotechnologos britannic ha patentate un methodo de isolar le sequentia genetic responsabile del proprietates stupende del tela de aranea. Secundo le “Times” de London illes reporta que le transferentia de iste segmento de material genetic in un certe bacterio les permitte producer iste seta in grande quantitates! Illes dice que iste seta poterea esser utilisate in le manufactura de vestes paraballas pro le policia e le armea, tanto como pro altere usos commercial.

(Per Dennis Lane-Martínez, publicate in Panorama, No. 5, septembre-octubre, 1990 e republicate in “Interlingua in interlingua”)

It is marvelous to see how a spiderweb expands out without breaking when a fly hits it at full speed. Engineers searching for material that are light and resistant at the same time have envied the spider for its silk web.

But now some British biotechnologists have patented a method of isolating the genetic sequence responsible for the amazing properties of the spiderweb. According to the London “Times,” they report that transferring this segment of genetic material into a certain bacterium allows them to produce this silk in great quantities! They say that this silk could be used in the manufacature of bullet-proof vests for the police and the army, as well as for other commercial uses.

(By Dennis Lane-Martínez, published in Panorama, No. 5, september-octuber, 1990 and republished in “Interlingua in interlingua”)


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