Le feto audi.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Qualque recercatores ha essite surprendite de discoperir recentemente quante sonos procedente del exterior pote pervenir usque le feto.

Habente placiate un microphono interuterin vicin al capite de un infante, le medicos ha potite audir clarmente tote le varietate de ruitos de un conversation tenite a quatro metros de distantia. Un psychologo irlandese anque ha notate que le neo-natos sembla recognoscer le thema musical de un programma de television que lor matre habeva reguardate regularmente durante su pregnantia.

Secundo le revista “Woman’s World”, iste discopertas poterea conducer a nove recercas destinate a determinar le effectos de iste sonos super le minuscule aures del feto.

(Per Dennis Lane-Martínez, publicate in “Panorama”, No. 5, septembre-octubre, 1990, e republicate in “Interlingua in interlingua”)

Some researchers have been surprised to discover recently how many sounds coming from the outside can reach the fetus.

Having placed an interuterin microphone next to the head of an infant, doctors have been able to hear clearly the entire variety of noises of a conversation held at a distance of four meters. An Irish psychologist also has noted that neonates seem to recognize the musical theme of a television program that their mother had watched regularly during her pregnancy.

According to the magazine “Woman’s World,” these discoveries could lead to new studies to determine the effects of these sounds on the very small ears of the fetus.

(By Dennis Lane-Martínez, published in “Panorama”, No. 5, September-October, 1990, and republished in “Interlingua in interlingua”)


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