Heroe del justitia in Texas ha morite.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

William Justice, un heroe del justitia in Texas, ha morite al etate de 89 annos. Ille esseva appunctate a un corte federal in Texas per le presidente Lyndon Johnson.

In 1970 ille mandava le elimination de barrieras racial in le scholas public de Texas post que multe districtos scholar non prestava attention al politicas de desegregation de nostre governamento federal. Ille decision, in “U.S. vs. Texas”, afficeva plus que 1.000 districtos scholar e 2 milliones de studentes trans le stato.

Plus tarde ille mandava que Texas provide education public gratis pro immigrantes indocumentate e lor filios in un processo legal que accusava le contato de Smith in le est de Texas de negar accesso al education public a studentes de origine mexican proque illes non poteva probar que illes esseva in le Statos Unite legalmente.

Ille anque assumeva le controlo del systema de prisiones de Texas post que un prisionero, David Rúiz, accusava le stato de provider conditiones inhuman a su prisioneros. Post un serie de audientias que durava plus que un anno, ille decideva que le prisiones del stato esseva troppo reimplite con personal insufficiente e negligente in le servicios medic que illos offereva a lor prisioneros. Ille anque discoperiva que le functionarios del prisiones de Texas tolerava violentia non frenabile inter le prisioneros e le personal del prisiones e le prisioneros.

A causa de su decisiones illuminate, pro annos ille e su familia debeva confrontar rejection social aggressive in su stato native. Multe texanos credeva que Justice non prestava ulle attention al leges establite durante que ille arrivava a su decisiones e los faceva solmente a causa de su prejudicios personal.

Iste es un accusation que sovente face le conservativos del Statos Unite quando illes debe confrontar un decision legal que non place a illes. Ma tal decisiones eventualmente deveni accipite per le population general del Statos Unite.

In iste momento, le causa de derectos homosexual debe confrontar iste mesme genere de resistentia conservative, ma le progresso que nos ha facite usque nunc es significante, e eventualmente iste processo historic nos dara le mesme derectos legal que se ha extendite a altere minoritates social statounitese.

William Justice, a hero of justice in Texas, has died at age 89. He was appointed to a federal court in Texas by president Lyndon Johnson.

In 1970 he ordered the elimination of racial barriers in the public schools of Texas after many school districts ignored the desegration policies of our federal government. That decision, in “U.S. vs. Texas,” affected more than 1,000 school districts and two million students throughout the state.

Later on he ordered Texas to provide free public education for undocumented immigrants and their children in a trial that accused Smith County in the east of Texas of denying public-education access to students of Mexican origin because they could not prove they were in the United States legally.

He also assumed control of the prison system of Texas after a prisoner, David Ruiz, accused the state of subjecting its prisoners to inhumane conditions. After a series of hearings that lasted more than a year, he decided that the prisons of the state were overcrowded, understaffed, and negligent in the medical services that they provided to their prisoners. He also discovered that prision officials in Texas tolerated rampant violence among prisoners and between prisoners and prison personnel.

Because of his enlightened decisions, for years he and his family had to confront aggressive social rejection in his native state. Many Texans believed that Justice ignored established law while he arrived at his decisions and made them only because of his personal prejudices.

This is an accusation that is often made by conservatives in the United States when they have to deal with a legal decision that they don’t like. But such decisions eventually became accepted by the general population of the United States.

At this moment gay rights have to confront this same kind of conservative resistance, but the progress that we have made up to now is significant, and eventually this historical process will give us the same legal rights that have been extended to other American social minorities.


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