Interlingua es un lingua construite ex le elementos commun al linguas angloromanic. Il anque es possibile construer simile linguas basate sur altere familias de linguas. Pro exemplo, il ha slovio, un “interlingua” pro le familia slavic. Pro le familia germanic, il nunc ha middelspraak. Ecce un breve texto in interlingua, anglese e middelspraak:

Middelspraak es un lingua construite basate sur le linguas germanic principal. Su grammatica es simple e regular, e assi il es facile a apprender. Middelspraak pote esser comparate con interlingua, le lingua construite latino/romanic proque pro le major parte del parlatores de un o plure linguas germanic le major parte de un texto in middelspraak pote esser comprendite sin studio previe.

Le major parte del linguas germanic moderne, excludite le anglese, ha circa 170 milliones de parlatores. Pro parlatores del anglese, middelspraak es anque plus facile a apprender que, que nos dice, germano, hollandese, o svedese.

Middelspraak is a constructed language based on the main living Germanic languages. Its grammar is simple and regular which makes it easy to learn. Middelspraak can be compared with Interlingua, the Latin/Romance conlang in that for most speakers of one or several Germanic languages, much of a Middelspraak text will be understood readily without any previous learning.

The modern Germanic languages, apart from English, have about 170 million speakers. For English speakers Middelspraak is also much easier to learn than, say, German, Dutch or Swedish.

Middelspraak is een kunstlig maked spraak dat is basered up de wichtigest levend Germanisch sprake. De grammatika is simpel on regelmatig, wat make dat licht to lerne. Man kan forgelike Middelspraak mid Interlingua, de kunstlig spraak basered up Latin/Romanisch, in dat for de meest sprekers af een oller meer Germanisch sprake, mennig af een Middelspraak tekst schal wese forstaan direkt, uter enig to lerne fyrst.

De levend Germanisch sprake, uter Engelisch, have rund 170 miljon sprekers. For Engelisch sprekers Middelspraak is okso mennig lichter to lerne dan, saege, Duetisch, Nederlandisch oller Swedisch.


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