Qui es le interlinguistas active?

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Il ha multe interlinguistas passive, includente romanophonos e altere personas qui cognosce plus que un de su linguas fonte. Ma qui es le interlinguistas qui activemente travalia pro promover le lingua?

Secundo lo que io ha potite apprender, il non ha multes. Inter illes il ha

Harleigh Kyson Jr. (io), qui ha publicate “Interlingua in interlingua” e qui nunc publica “Interlingua multilngue”, que es immediatemente e gratuitemente disponibile a omnes qui volerea usar lo pro studiar interlingua e su linguas fonte.

Thomas Breinstrup, qui publica “Panorama”. Il pare que ille es le sol persona qui contribute al sito official del Union Mundial pro Interlingua, un organisation que vermente es moribunde o possibilemente completemente morte.

Piet Cleij e Josu Lavin, qui es active in le compilation de dictionarios e vocabularios.

Martijn Dekker, qui ha facite multe travalio sur interlingua e su terminologia. Il esseva ille qui salvava “Interlingua in interlingua” post que Yahoo decideva disactivar le paginas web immagasinate in Geocities.

Lars Rosenmeier, qui ha establite “Interforo”, un medio de discussion que non ha attrahite multe participation.

Daniel Hollande, qui ha establite le sito “Romania Continua”. Ben que Daniel prefere romanico como le lingua principal del sito, ille ha publicate un varietate de textos de “Interlingua multilingue”

Il anque ha organisationes national pro promover interlingua e un varietate de blogs, ma le major parte de illos, il pare, ha essite inactive pro multe tempore.

Si vos cognosce altere projectos per interlinguistas vermente active, scribe me a hkyson@gmail.com.

There are a lot of passive Interlinguists, including speakers of Romance languages and other people who know more than one of its source languages. But who are the Interlinguists who actively work to promote the language?

From what I have been able to learn, there are not many. Among them there are

Harleigh Kyson Jr. (me), who has published “Interlingua in interlingua” and who is now publishing “Interlingua multilingue,” which is immediately available at no cost to everyone who would like to use it to study Interlingua and its source languages.

Thomas Breinstrup, who publishes “Panorama.” It seems that he is the only person who contributes to the official site of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua, an organization that is dying or possibly completely dead.

Piet Cleij and Josu Lavin, who are active in the compilation of dictionaries and vocabularies.

Martijn Dekker, who has done a lot of work on Interlingua and its terminology. He was the one who saved “Interlingua in interlingua” after Yahoo decided to deactivate the web pages stored in Geocities.

Lars Rosenmeier, who has established “Interforo,” a discussion medium that hs not attracted a lot of participation.

Daniel Hollande, who has established the site “Romania Continua.” Though Daniel prefers Romanico as the principal language of the site, he has published a variety of texts from “Interlingua multilingue.”

There are also national organizations to promote Interlingua and a variety of blogs, but most of them, it seems, have been inactive for a long time.

If you are aware of other projects by really active Interlinguists, write me at hkyson@gmail.com


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