Questiones sur Internet (2)

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Secunde Question: Esque nos pote parlar de un revolution digital si il ha un carentia de accesso que totevia existe in multe paises del mundo?

Usque nunc duo tertios del humanitate, mesmo in paises povre, jam se ha conectate a Internet. Isto vole dicer que le lacunas de participation in Internet sta a clauder se. Ben que le lineas terrestre de telephonia per le quales circulava Internet non se ha expandite desde 2002, le explosion del communication sin filos rapidemente sta a unificar omne le mundo in un sol systema de communication.

In 1991 il habeva circa 16 milliones de personas con accesso a Internet per lor telephonos mobile. In iste momento il ha 4,6 billiones de usatores sur un planeta de 6,7 billiones de personas. Le anno proxime il habera centos de milliones de nove usatores.

In alicun paises ric, le gente ha tres o quatro numeros de telephonos mobile, e in le paises povre, sovente un village ha un sol telephono mobile pro omne le village. E in paises plus affluente, un familia ha plus que un telephono mobile. Totevia tamen le brecha digital existe in terminos de accesso individual, ma illo es multo relative e sta a disapparer rapidemente.

Up to now two-thirds of humanity, even in poor countries, have already been connected to the Internet. This means that the participation gaps in the Internet are closing. Though telephone land lines through which the Internet circulated have not been expanded since 2002, the explosion of wireless communication is rapidly unifying the entire world in a single system of communication.

In 1991 there were around 16 million people with access to the Internet through mobile phones. At this moment there are 4.6 billion users on the planet out of 6.7 billion people. Next year there will be hundreds of millions of new users.

In some rich countries, people have three or four mobile telephone numbers, and in poor countries a village often has a single mobile telephone for the entire village. In wealthier countries, a family has more than one mobile phone. Still, however, the digital gap exists in terms of individual access, but it is quite relative and is starting to rapidly disappear.


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