Questiones sur Internet (3)

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Tertie Question: Quales es le principal transformationes que le nove technologias del information ha promovite in nostre vita diarie?

Le cosas le plus interessante del transformation technologic non es lo que le va a passer secundo le descriptions de ingenieros, ma lo que le gente face con illo. Lo que passa es que il ha certe technologias que nos permitte facer cosas que nos interessa. (Un exemplo excellente de isto es que le cambios technologic que me ha permitte inaugurar e continuar le publication de “Interlingua multilingue”.)

Un altere exemplo es le communication telephonic mobile, que permitte que on se mantene in communication constante con su familia e su amicos constantemente. Iste technologia permitte contacto constante inter infantes e lor patres e inter travaliatores e le organisationes pro le quales illes travalia.

Illo anque permitte continue communication inter le membros del complexe familias contemporanee, in le quales le mulieres, ultra laborer in travalios commercial, gere le affaires de lor familias e le problemas de cata un de lor membros, le quales es completemente libere in lor mobilitate durante que illes pote haber contacto constante con omne le altere personas de lor familias.

Le communication mobile anque permitte que on travalia sur diverse projectos constante- e simultaneemente sin perder tempore in inactivitate.

Totevia on non sape si eventualmente iste capacitates essera bon o mal pro le societate e su membros, ma illos certemente permitte productivitate augmentate pro illes qui usa iste technologias.

The most interesting things about technological transformation is not what is going to happen according to engineers’ descriptions but what people do with it. What is happening is that there are certain technologies that allow us to do things that interest us. (An excellent example of this is the technological changes that have allowed me to start out and continue publishing “Interlingua multilingue.”)

Another example is mobile telephone communication, which allows a person to stay in constant communication with his or her family and friends. This technology allows for constant contact between children and their parents and between workers and the organizations they work for.

It also allows for continuous communication among the members of complex contemporary families, in which women, besides holding down jobs, manage the affairs of their families and the problems of each one of their members, who are completely free in their mobility while they are able to have constant contact with all the other people in their families.

Mobile communication also allows a person to work on various projects constantly and simultaneously without losing time in inactivity.

It is still now known whether these capabilities will be good or bad for society and its members, but they certainly allow for increased productivity for those who use these technologies.


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