Questiones sur Internet (5)

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Quinte Question: Quales ha essite le effectos de Internet sur le politica?

Internet sta a causar un revolution in le practica del politica.

Le presidente Obama, pro exemplo, es un addicto al blackberry. Ille e le personas qui travaliava con ille in su campania cresceva e ha vivite con Internet, e pro omne illes il es un medio natural.

Le major parte del personas qui le appoiava in su campania esseva juvenes. Illes poteva adjuvar le a construer un rete social que promoveva le interaction, mobilisation, rapide transmission de information, e transparentia in su practicas politic.

Il anque asseva trans Internet que Obama recipeva le plus grande donationes in omne le historia de campanias politic in le Statos Unite. In vice de demandar moneta del lobbies politic cuje donationes ille refusava, ille lo demandava trans Internet del personas qui le appoiava e recipeva $3.5 milliones de donantes qui le dava usque $200 trans le canales de pagamento de Internet.

In le politica, Internet pote esser un alliato e anque un inimico proque il es impossibile controlar lo, e Internet ha essite le fortia motrice pro diverse movimentos succedite in opposition de governamentos oppressive.

Internet is causing a revolution in the practice of politics.

President Obama, for example, is a blackberry addict. He and the people who worked for him on his campaign grew up with and have lived with the Internet, and for all of them it is a natural medium.

Most of the people who supported him in his campaign were young people. They were able to help him construct a social network that promoted interaction, mobilization, the rapid transmission of information, and transparency in his political practices.

It was also through the Net that Obama received the largest donations in the entire history of political campaigns in the United States. Instead of asking for money from the political lobbies whose donations he refused, he asked for it through the Internet from the people who supported him and received $3.5 million from donors who gave him up to $200 through Internet payment channels.

In politics, Internet can be an ally and also an enemy because it is impossible to control it, and the Net has been the motive force for various successful movements opposing oppressive governments.


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