Questiones sur Internet (6)

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Sexte Question: Que passa in paises como China, que controla le accesso a Internet?

Ben que il ha un parve minoritate, principalmente de studentes, qui oppone le politicas del governamento chinese, multes los appoia. E durante que le gente utilisa Internet pro le affaires de su vita que non ha aspectos politic controversial, le governamento chinese es multo contente, specialmente si illes usa le technologia electronic principalmente pro diverter se.

Ma China e altere paises como Iran e Birmania essaya a controlar strictemente le communication electronic quando de illo nasce movimentos politic que menacia lor existentia.

Though there is a small minority, principally students, who oppose the policies of the Chinese government, many support them. And while people use the Internet for the affairs of their lives that do not have controversial political aspects, the Chinese government is very happy, especially if they use electronic technology to entertain themselves.

But China and other countries like Iran and Burma are trying to strictly control electronic communication when it spawns political movements that menace their existence.


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