Questiones sur Internet (7)

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Septime Question: Esque le accesso a Internet debe esser un derecto basic?

Absolutemente. E elicun paises sta a mover activemente pro facer lo disponibile a omne lor citatanos. Pro exemplo, Finlandia ha declarate que le accesso a Internet de banda large es un derecto basic del citatano e que il es le responsabilitate del governmento promover tal accesso a bon mercato a a omne le finlandeses e sin controlo de su contento.

Un altere caso recente es illo del governamento Australian, que ha decidite crear un interprisa public pro disveloppar telecommunicationes de banda large e provider servicios de internet a omne le partes del pais que non ha servicios de telecommunicationes de companias commercial.

Absolutely. And some countries are moving actively to make it available to all their citizens. For example, Finland has declared that broad-band Internet access is a basic citizen’s right and that it is the responsibility of the government to promote such access affordably to all Finns and without controlling its content.

Another recent case involves the Australian government, which has decided to create a public company to develop broad-band telecommunications and provide Internet services to all parts of the country that do not have telecommunciations services from commercial firms.


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