Richard Rodgers

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Richard Charles Rodgers nasceva in New York City le 28 de junio 1902. Ambe su patres amava cantar e sonar le piano. Su granpatres amava le opera e sovente le portava a productiones operatic. Ille anque vadeva a productiones musical in le theatros de Broadway quando ille esseva un infante.

Rodgers comenciava a sonar le piano al etate de tres annos. Quando ille habeva dece e cinque annos, ille decideva que ille travaliarea in le theatro musical. Ille mesme anno, ille componeva le musica pro le production de un gruppo de juvenes que ille cognosceva. Ille tunc componeva le musica pro un production per studentes al Universitate Columbia.

A Colombia ille cognosceva duo de su collaboratores le plus importante, Lorenz Hart e Oscar Hammerstein.

Richard Rodgers e Lorenz Hart travaliava como un equipa pro plus que 20 annos. Rodgers scribeva le musica, e Hart scribeva le texto del cantos de Rodgers. Illes anque componeva cantos pro le cinema. Un de lor cantos le melio cognoscite veni del film “Blue Moon”. Multe cantantantes ha registrate iste canto desde que illo primo appareva in le film in 1934. Illo mesmo esseva un hit de rock and roll pro le Marcels in le annos sexanta.

In le prime parte del decada que comenciava in 1940, Hart, un homine multo infelice, deveniva un alcoholico, e Rodgers debeva abandonar le como collaborator. Ille tunc comenciava a collaborar con un altere amico sue, Oscar Hammerstein.

Rodgers non travaliava con Hammerstein como ille habeva travaliate con Hart. Hammerstein scribeva le textos de lor cantiones, e Rodgers tunc scribeva le musica. Lor prime production esseva le obra classic “Oklahoma!” Illo appereva ante le publico in 1943. Le criticas lo considera un revolution in le theatro musical american proque le cantos de Rodgers e Hammerstein adjutava a disveloppar le narration del production, e etiam nunc il es possibile vider “Oklahoma!” in le theatros de Broadway e del mundo.

Rodgers e Hammerstein scribeva le cantos pro nove pecias de theatro musical, includente “The King and I”, “Flower Drum Song”, e “The Sound of Music”. Lor productiones musical anque appareva como films.

Lor cantos exprimeva amor e dolor e narrava diverse problemas social, como le maritage interracial in le obra “South Pacific”.

Richard Rodgers scribeva le musica e le texto pro su productiones post le morte de Oscar Hammerstein in 1960. Secundo le criticos, le melior de istes es “No Strings”, que explorava un affaire de amor inter un mulier afroamerican e un homine blanc.

Richard Rodgers e su marita, Dorothy, habeva duo filias e sex granfilios. Un filia e duo grandfilios anque scribe musica. Rodgers moriva in 1979 al etate de septanta annos. Biographias de Rodgers le describe como un homine frigide e deprimite. Le membros de su familia dice que ille solmente poteva exprimer se trans su musica.

Richard Rodgers diceva un vice que su production predilecte esseva “Carousel”, le secunde obra que ille scribeva con Oscar Hammerstein. Illo narra le historia de un juvene puera que se marita con un fur.

Expertos de musica dice que il sempre es possibile vider un del productiones de Richard Rodgers in le theatros de Broadway o de altere partes del mundo. Illos sovente es popular pro productiones in scholas secondari del Statos Unite. E su films, pro exemplo “State Fair”, “South Pacific”, “Pal Joey”, “The Sound of Music”, “Oklahoma”, e “Carousel” ha un popularitate perenne.

Richard Rodgers was born in New York City on June 28, 1902. Both his parents loved to sing and play the piano. His grandparents loved opera and took him to see operatic productions. He also went to Broadway musical theater productions when he was a child.

Rodgers started to play the piano at age three. When he was fifteen, he decided to work in musical theater. That same year he composed the music for groups of children that he knew. He then wrote music for a production by students at Columbia University.

At Columbia he met his most important collaborators, Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein.

Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart worked as a team for more than twenty years. Rodgers wrote the music, and Hart wrote the lyrics for Rodgers’ songs. They also wrote songs for movies. One of their best-known songs comes from the movie “Blue Moon.” Many singers have recorded this song since it appeared in the film in 1934. It was even a rock-and-roll hit for the Marcels in the 1960s.

In the first part of the decade that began in 1940, Hart, a very unhappy man, became an alcoholic, and Rodgers had to drop him as a collaborator. He then started to collaborate with another friend of his, Oscar Hammerstein.

Rodgers did not work with Hammerstein the way he had worked with Hart. Hammerstein wrote the lyrics for their songs, and Rodgers then wrote the music. Their first production was the classic “Oklahoma!” It opened to the public in 1943. Critics consider it a revolution in American musical theater because the songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein helped to develop the story line in the production, and even now it is possible to see “Oklahoma!” in theaters on Broadway and throughout the world.

Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote the songs for new musical-theater productions, including “The King and I,” “Flower Drum Song,” and “The Sound of Music.” Their musical productions also appeared as films.

Their songs expressed love and sadness and were about various social problems, such as interracial marriage in “South Pacific.”

Richard Rodgers wrote the music and the lyrics for his productions after the death of Oscar Hammerstein in 1960. According to critics, the best of these is “No Strings,” which explored a love affair between an African American woman and a white man.

Richard Rodgers and his wife, Dorothy, had two daughters and six grandchildren. One daughter and two grandchildren also write music. Rodgers died in 1979 at age seventy. Biographies of Rodgers describe him as cold and depressed. The members of his family say that he was only able to express himself through his music.

Richard Rodgers once said that his favorite production was “Carousel,” the second work he wrote with Oscar Hammerstein. It tells the story of a young girl who gets married to a thief.

Music experts say that it is always possible to see one of Richard Rodgers’ productions in theaters on Broadway or in other parts of the world. They are also often popular for high-school productions in the United States. And his films, for example “State Fair,” “South Pacific,” “Pal Joey,” “The Sound of Music,” “Oklahoma,” and “Carousel,” have a perennial popularity.


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