Yandex, un motor de cercas specialate pro le lingua russe

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Google non es le motor de cercas le plus importante in omne le partes del mundo. In Russia, pro exemplo, Yandex (Yet Another Index) es plus importante. E illo non es simplemente un altere index simile a Google, Yahoo, o Bing.

Un parte del ration del popularitate de Yandex in Russia es linguistic. Le lingua anglese non ha le multiple inflexiones del russo, e le logiciel pro le motor de cercas de Google esseva construite a base del grammatica del lingua anglese.

Le russo es un lingua indoeuropee multo plus conservative que le anglese que preserva multe inflexiones nominal e verbal del plus vetule linguas indoeuropee como le lituano. Pro un romaphono, le exemplo del latino provide un excellente comparation con le complexitate morphologic del russo.

Le informaticos qui disveloppava le motor de Yandex lo designava specialmente pro le russo e su grammatica. Si un persona usa Yandex pro cercar un parola in russo, Yandex trova automaticamente omne le formas grammatic del nomines, verbos, e adjectivos del russo.

Yandex anque aperiva su proprie schola pro formar studentes in le application practic del informatica con un emphase special in lor proprie systema specialisate in le lingua russe. Illo offere cursos in un varietate de materias, como algorithmos de cerca, indexation automatic, e methodos complexe informatic (como le aggregation, classification automatic, extraction de factos, algorithmos pro arrivar a decisiones, e altere applicationes simile).

Lor curso esseva designate per le doctor Dr. Ilya Muchnik, professor a Rutger’s University. Le scopo de iste programma academic es provider a su studentes un excellente formation practic pro disveloppar lor talentos, le quales illes potera applicar immeditemente quando illes comencia lor carrieras in le industria.

Yandex, A Specialized Search Engine for the Russian Language

Google is not the most important search engine everywhere in the world. In Russia, for example Yandex (Yet Another Index) is more important. And it is not just another index similar to Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Part of the reason for the popularity of Yandex in Russia is linguistic. English does not have the many inflexions of Russian, and the software for Google’s search engine was constructed on the basis of English grammar.

Russian is an Indo-European language that is much more conservative than English and like Lithuanian preserves many of the nominal and verbal inflexions of the older Indo-European languages. For a speaker of a Romance language, the example of Latin provides an excellent comparison with the morphological complexity of Russian.

The computer scientists who developed Yandex’s search engine designed it especially for Russian and its grammar. If a person uses Yandex to look for a word in Russian, Yandex automatically finds all the grammatical forms of the nouns, verbs, and adjectives of Russian.

Yandex also opened its own school to train students in the practical application of computerized techniques with a special emphasis on their own specialized system for the Russian language. It offers courses on a variety of subjects, such as search algorithms, automatic indexing, and complex procedures in computer science (such as aggregation, automatic classification, data mining, decision algorithms, and other similar applications).

Their course was designed by Dr. Ilya Muchnik, a professor at Rutger’s University. The purpose of this academic program is to provide its students with an excellent practical education for developing their talents, which they can apply immediately when their start out their careers in the industry.


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