Un homine svedese deveni malade de radiation electromagnetic.

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Secundo un articulo in “Popular Science”, martio, 2010, un homine svedese debe habitar in un cabana isolate in le foreste 75 milas al nord de Stockholm proque ille debe evitar omne campos electromagnetic. Illos le face malade. Ille debe mantener un limitate association con altere gente proque le technologia le face multo malade physicamente.

In le ultime estate quando ille perambulava vicin a su casa, ille incontrava un vicino, e illes comenciava un conversation. Tosto le telephono cellular de su vicino sonava, e Per Segerbäck, de 54 annos de etate, esseva superate con le nausea. Post alicun pauc secundas, ille deveniva inconsciente.

Segerbäck ha un condition con le nomine electrohypersensitivitate (EHS), que implica que ille ha reactiones physic sever al radiation electromagnetic producite per apparatos como computatores, de televisiones, e telephonos cellular.

Un telephono cellular debe esser in uso, transmittente o recipente signales, pro producer tal effectos. Isto occurre quando le radiation es le plus forte. Telephonos cellular que es active e que non recipe o transmitte signales non produce radiation sufficientemente forte pro producer su effectos sur homines como Segerbäck.

Le symptomas varia desde sensationes ardente sur le pelle a vertigine e nausea, problemas con dormir, e perdita de memoria in casos vermente sever. In casos extreme como illo de Segerbäck, il ha palpitationes del corde e perdita de conscientia.

Svedia es le sol pais que recognosce iste maladia e va a pagar personas con iste condition pro “sanitisar” lor casas. In casos de necessitate, illes va a installer blindage metallic pro blocar tal radiation.

Le radiation que produce iste effectos in Segerbäck es radiation nonionisante. Radios X, bombas atomic, e altere formas de radiation nuclear es ionisante e pote producer sever damnos del corpore, includente le cancere. Ma radiation de basse frequentia e radiation de radiodiffusion es nonionisante, e generalmente on lo reguarda como innocue. Alicun recerca ha determinate que le telephonos cellular es innocue, e le governamento del Statos Unite non recognosce ulle problemas con radiation nonionisante. Usque nunc nulle cancere ha essite positivemente associate con le uso de telephonos cellular.

Segerbäck un vice esseva un excellente ingeniero de telecommunicationes. Ille esseva empleate per Ellemtel, un division del gigante corporation de telecommunications Ericson, pro plus que 20 annos como le chef de un gruppo de ingenieros qui designava circuitos integrate avantiate pro systemas de telecommunicationes prototypic. Ille usava equipamento le plus nove e le plus advantiate de computatores e telecommunicationes, e ille esseva totalmente inundate durante su empleo con un banio de radiation nonionisante a partir de computatores, luminas fluorescente, e antennas de telecommunicationes vicin a su fenestra.

Su prime symptomas esseva vertigine, nausea, males de capite, e sensationes ardente super su pelle verso le fin del annos 1980 post un decada in su labor de recerca. Omnes minus duo de su gruppo de circa 20 ingenieros ha reportate simile simptomas, ben que le symptomas de Segerbäck esseva le plus sever.

Su maladia deveniva pejor. Mesmo le radar de aviones a base altitude poteva producer un attacco in Segerbäck. Ille crede que le constante banio de radiation non ionisante durante su labor e le fumos toxic de su nove computator esseva responsabile pro su condition.

Quando alteres in su division disveloppava simile simptomas associate con le nove computatores, su compania deveniva preoccupate con illo e construeva nove officios con blindage contra le radiation nonionisante. Segerbäck esseva un membro essential e importante del equipa de recrecatores, e illes voleva retener le in lor empleo. Illes le dava un vestimento con blindage e un Volvo con blindage. E ille continuava de iste maniera usque le numero de turres ce telephonos cellular deveniva tan extensive in le 1990s que ille debeva retirar al foreste.

Lo que es cognoscite per le radiation nonionisante de telephonos cellular es que le radiation es le plus intense al antenna que es in le apparato portabile mesme del telephono. Quando iste apparato es ponite al capite, le radiation pote penetrar al cerebro. Le profunditate del penetration depende sur le frequentia del radiation. Telephonos cellular functiona in le frquentias inter 800 e 2200 megahertz. Radios e televisions functiona a un ferquentia plus basse, e furnos a microundas e radars functiona a frequentias mesmo plus alte.

Un scientista svedese qui studia le genetica ha monstrate que le radiation electromagnetic a 900 megahertz, un frequentia usate per telephones cellular, pote inhibir le reparation del ADN in un varietate de cellulas. Le reparation de tal rupturas de ADN es essential pro inhibir le initiation de leukemia e certe tumores, includente gliomas in le cerebro. Altere recercatores ha trovate que le radiation electromagnetic de circa 900 megahertz pote interferer con le excambio de signales in le cellulas del cerebro.

In usar un telephono cellular il es possibilemente un bon idea augmentar le distantia inter le apparato manual e le cerebro. Si on pote usar un auricular connectite per un filo al apparato a mano, isto pote reducer le intensitate de radiation al capite.

A Swedish man gets sick from electromagnetic radiation.

According to an article in “Popular Science,” March, 2010, a Swedish man must live in an isolated cabin in the forest 75 miles north of Stockholm because he must avoid all magnetic fields. They make him ill. He must maintain a limited association with other people because technology makes him very sick physically.

Last summer when he was walking near his home, he ran into a neighbor, and they started a converstion. Soon his neighbor’s cell phone rang, and Per Segerback, 54 years old, was overcome with nausea. After a few seconds, he became unconscious.

Segerback has a condition with the name electrohypersensitivity (EHS), which means that he has severe physical reactions to electromagnetic radiation produced by appliances such as computers, televisions, and cell phones.

A cell phone must be in use, transmitting or receiving signals, to produce such effects. This occurs when the radiation is strongest. Cell phones that are active and that are not receiving or transmitting signals do not produce radition that is strong enough to produce its effects on men like Segerback.

The symptoms vary from hot feelings on the skin to dizziness and nausea, problems with sleeping, and loss of memory in truly severe cases. In extreme casis like Segerback’s, there are palpitations of the heart and a loss of consciousness.

Sweden is the only country that recognizes this illness and is going to pay people with this condition to “sanitize” their houses. In cases of necessity, they are going to install metallic shielding to block such radiation.

Radition that produces these effects in Segerback are nonionizing radition. X rays, atomic bombs, and other forms of nuclear radiation are ionizing and can produce severe bodily damage, including cancer. But low-frequency radiation and radio waves are non-ionizing, and generally it is regarded as harmless. Some research has determined that cell phones are harmless, and the government of the United States does not recognize any problems with nonionizing radiation. Up to now no cancer has been positively associated with the use of cell phones.

Segerback once was an excellent telecommunications engineer. He was employed by Ellemtel, a division of the giant telecommunications company Ericson, for more than twenty years as the head of a group of engineers who designed advanced integrated circuits for prototypical systems of telecommunications, and he was totally flooded on the job with a bath of nonionizing radition coming from computers, fluorescent lights, and telecommunications antennas next to his window.

His first symptoms were dizziness, nausea, headaches, and hot feelings on his skin toward the end ot the 1980s after a decade of research work. All those in his group of around twenty engineers, except for two, have reported similar symptoms, though Segerback’s symptoms were the most severe.

His illness got worse. Even the radar of airplanes at low altitude could produce an attack in Segerback. He believes that the constant bath of non-ionizing radiation during his work and the toxic fumes of his new computer were responsible for his condition.

When others in his division developed similar symptons associated with the new computers, his company started to worry and built new offices with shielding against nonionizing radiation. Segerback was an essential and important member of the team of researchers, and they wanted to keep him on the job. They gave him shielded clothing and a Volvo with shielding. And he continued like this until the number of cell phone towers got so great in the 1990s that he had to retire to the forest.

What is known about the nonionizing radition of cell phones is that it is more intense near the antenna that is in the portable phone itself. When such phones are put next to a person’s head, the radiation can penetrate into the brain. The depth of penetration depends on the frequency of the radiation. Cell phones work in frequencies between 800 and 2200 megahertz. Radios and televisions work at lower frequencies, and microwave ovens and radars work at even higher frequencies.

A Swedish scientist who studies genetics has shown that electromagnetic radition at 900 megahertz, a frequency used by cell phones, can inhibit the repair of DNA in a variety of cells. The repair of such ruptures of DNA is essential to inhibit the start of leukemia and certain tumors, including gliomas in the brain. Other researchers have found that electromagnetic radiation of around 900 megahertz can interfere with the exchange of signals in brain cells.

In using a cell phone it is possibly a good idea to increase the distance between the hand set and the brain. If you can use a headphone connected by a wire to theand set, this can reduce the intensity of radiation to the head.


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