In China, ingente numeros de mulieres trappate in maritages con homines gay suffre tremendemente.

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In le cultura Chinese, il es importantissime que un familia produce heredes masculin pro mantener le memoria de su ancestres. Isto ha producite un excesso de homines post que le governamento chinese, pro controlar su population, inaugurava le politica de un infante per familia. Le preferentia pro filios inter tal familias mesmo ha incoragiate le infanticidio de pueras chinese.

Ma le preferentia pro heredes masculin ha producite un altere problema social in China: Milliones de feminas es maritate a homines homosexual. Gratias a Internet, le population general de China comencia a audir lor planctos.

On estima que inter 15 e 20% de homines gay in le Statos Unite se merita con feminas heterosexual. Secundo Li Dalin, un sexologa emerite del Universitate de Shanghai, le figura in China es 90%.

He Xiaopei ha inaugurate un gruppo de appoio pro mulieres trappate in tal matrimonios con le nomine Spatio Rosate. Illa dice que multe mulieres maritate con homines gay suffre de depression sever proque lor maritos non pote satisfacer las sexualmente. Typicamente, le mulieres trappate in tal maritages habeva multo pauc experientia sexual ante maritar se e nulle cognoscimentos del homosexualitate. Al discoperir le orientation sexual de lor maritos e acceptar que illes non pote cambiar, illas sovente se senti irate e traite.

Spatio Rosate non offere consilios al mulieres qui se communica con le gruppo, solmente appoio moral. Le seniora He dice que le mulieres qui contacta Spatio Rosate sovente senti relevamento immense al discoperir que il ha multe altere mulieres in situations simile. Parve numeros de illas eventualmente ha le corage pro divorciar se, ma le major parte de illas continua a tolerar lor maritages infelice.

Le seniora Li dice que on non pote blasmar le maritos in tal matrimonios proque il ha tremende pressiones cultural sur homines gay a celar lor orientation sexual, e illa ha activemente incoragiate le acceptation del maritage gay in le cultura chinese. Ma le response a su effortios es que le maritage gay non es moral o natural.

Recentemente, illa ha facite alicun progresso. Alicunes de su opponentes concedeva le utilitate social del maritage gay, ma illes insiste que China non es preste pro iste modification del maritage traditional, e le seniora Li nunc crede que China essera inter le ultime paises a acceptar le maritage gay.

In China, huge numbers of women trapped in marriages with gay men suffer tremendously.

In Chinese culture, it is very important that a family produce male heirs to maintain the memory of its ancestors. This has produced an excess of men after the Chinese government, to control its population, inaugurated the policy of one child per family. The preference for sons in such families even has encouraged the infanticide of Chinese girls.

But the preference for male heirs has produced another social problem in China: Millions of women are married to homosexual men. Thanks to the Internet, the general population of China is starting to hear their complaints.

It is estimated that between 15 and 20% of gay men in the United Sates marry heterosexual women. According to Li Dalin, a retired sexologist of the University of Shanghai, the figure is 90%.

He Xiaopei has inaugurated a support group for women trapped in such marriages with the name Pink Space. She says that many women married to gay men suffer from severe depression because their husbands cannot satisfy them sexually. Typically, women trapped in such marriages had very little sexual experience before getting married and no knowledge of homosexuality. On discovering the sexual orientation of their husbands and accepting that they cannot change, they often feel angry and betrayed.

Pink Space does not offer advice to women who get in touch with the group, only moral support. Mrs. He says that women who contact Pink Space often feel immense relief on discovering that there are many other women in similar situations. Small numbers of them eventually have the courage to get a divorce, but most of them continue to put up with their unhappy marriages.

Mrs. Li says that the husbands in such marriages cannot be blamed because there are tremendous cultural pressures on gay men to hide their sexual orientation, and she has actively encouraged the acceptance of gay marriage in Chinese culture. But the response to her efforts is that gay marriage is not moral or natural.

Recently she has made some progress. Some of her opponents conceded the social usefulness of gay marriage, but they insist that China is not ready for this change in traditional marriage, and Mrs. Li now believes that China will be among the last countries to accept gay marriage.


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