Le sito speakdanish.dk

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Io sempre ha admirate Danmark, que io considera le pais le plus civilisate de nostre planeta. Io nascieva in 1938. Io es gay; e si io habeva nascite in Danmark in vice del Statos Unite in ille anno, io indubitabilemente haberea habite un vita multo plus felice que io ha habite in le Statos Unite, mesmo in Los Angeles, ubi le policia in le annos 50 e 60 nos tractava con le mesme violentia que illo tractava altere minoritates, como afroamericanos e americanos de origine mexican.

E ben que io nunquam ha habite le moneta pro viagiar a Danmark, io sempre ha essayate a informar me sur le societate danese e le danese e le altere linguas scandinave, e io ha discoperite un interesantissime introduction al lingua danese al sito [speakdanish.dk].

In “Interlingua multilingue”, io ha essayate a usar le possibilitates del formato general del blogs de Blogger e WordPress pro inseniar interlingua e su linguas fonte, ma le sito [speakdanish.dk] utilisa omne le possibilitates audiovisual que se ha disveloppate usque nunc pro inseniar le danese multo efficacemente, e il debe haber multe altere sitos gratuitemente disponibile in le Rete pro inseniar altere linguas, includente interlingua, que imita le formato e methodos pedagogic de [speakdanish.dk].

I have always admired Denmark, which I consider the most civilized country on our planet. I was born in 1938. I am gay; and if I had been born in Denmark instead of the Untied States in that year, I no doubt would have had a much happier life than I have had in the United States, even in Los Angeles, where the police in the 1950s and 1960s treated us with the same violence that it treated other minorities, such as African Americans and Americans of Mexican origin.

And even though I have never had the money to travel to Denmark, I have always tried to informar myself about Danish society and Danish and the other Scandinavian languages, and I have discovered a very interesting introduction to the Danish language at the site [speakdanish.dk].

In “Interlingua mulitlingue,” I have tried to use the possibilities of the general format of the Blogger and WordPress blogs to teach Interlingua and its source languages, but the site [speakdanish.dk] uses all the audiovisual possibilities that have been developed up to now for teaching Danish very efficiently and effectively, and there should be many other sites available on the Net at no cost to teach other languages, including Interlingua, that imitate the format and teaching methods of [speakdanish.dk].


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