Polemica super le pillula abortive in Italia

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Viginti cinque annos post su creation in Francia, le pillula abortive es ancora prohibite in Italia. Recentemente, le debatto super su disponibilitate legal ha essite relanceate per le autoritates sanitari regional.

Desde septembre, quando le ministro de sanitate poneva fin al programma experimental del uso del pillula abortive in un hospital de Torino, le demandas pro su empleo se ha multiplicate. Cinque regiones (Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Umbria e Latio) e le provincia autonome de Trento ha presentate petitiones pro poter administrar le pillula.

Demandas simile del parte de numerose hospitales anque arriva cata die al Ministerio de Sanitate. Mesmo diverse centros sanitari ha annunciate que illos poterea acquirer le pillula abortive al estraniero.

Le Ecclesia Catholic monstra un feroce opposition a un possibile legalisation del pillula. In le referendum sur le fecundation assistite le primavera passate, le Conferentia Episcopal italian habeva participate activemente e con sucesso in le campania pro opponer le pillula.

Nunc con iste nove polemica super le pillula abortive, le sinistra e le liberales accusa fortemente le Ecclesia Catholic de inserer se in le vita politic italian. Intertanto, un association de consumitores ha lanceate un campania de signaturas pro le legalisation del pillula abortive. Plus que 70.000 personas jam ha signate.

Twenty-five years after its creation in France, the day-after pill is still prohibited in Italy. Recently, the debate about its legal availability has been brought up once again by Italian regional health authorities.

Since September, when the Health minister ended the experimental use of the abortion pill in a hospital in Turin, demands for its use have been multiplying. Five regions (Piedmont, Luguria, Lombardia, Umbria, and Latium) and the autonomous province of Trento have presented petitions for permission to administer the pill.

Similar demands on the part of numerous hospitals also reach the Ministry of Health every day. Even various health centers have announced that they could get the abortion pill abroad.

The Catholic Church has shown feroce opposition to possible legalization of the pill. In the referendum about birth control last spring, the Italian Episcopal Conference had actively and successfully participated in the campaign to oppose the pill.

Now with this new controversy over the day-after pill, the left and the liberals strongly accuse the Catholic Church of meddling in Italian political life. In the meantime, an association of consumers has launched a campaign to gather signatures for the legalization of the abortion pill. More than 70,000 people have already signed.


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