Un grande effusion polluante se extende per un fluvio Chinese.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Un strato de benzeno, un producto chimic extrememente nocive, ha polluite un area de 80 kilometros del fluvio Songhua, al nord-est de China, post un explosion in un planta petrochimic le 13 de novembre in le provincia de Jilin.

Le governamento chinese recognosceva heri le gravitate del situation post que le pollution fortiava le suspension del fornimento de aqua in le urbe de Harbin, capital del provincia de Heilongjiang.

Circa nove milliones de personas es concernite nunc per iste mensura. Le population ha exhaurite le provisiones de aqua imbottiliate in le supermercatos de Harbin, e le vicegovernator del provincia mesmo ha debite facer excusas ante le habitantes del urbe.

Le governamento chinese ha assecurate que le situation essera controlate le fin del proxime septimana, ma multe habitantes ha decidite quitar le urbe temporaneemente. Intertanto, Russia, le pais vicin de China ubi le fluvio Songhua junge le Amour, ha declarate un stato de emergentia in iste region a partir del proxime venerdi ben que le autoritates chinese ha affirmate que le pollution arrivara a terras russe solmente post duo septimanas.

A layer of benzene, an extremely poisonous chemical product, has polluted an eighty-kilometer (fifty-mile) area of the Songhua River in the northeast of China after a petrochemical-plant explosion on November 13 in the province of Jillin.

The Chinese government recognized yesterday the seriousness of the situation after the pollution forced the suspension of water supplies in the city of Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province.

Around nine million people are now concerned about this measure. The population has exhausted the supplies of bottled water in the supermarkets of Harbin, and the vice-governor of the province has even had to apologize before the inhabitants of the city.

The Chinese government has assured that the situation will be controlled by the end of next week, but many inhabitans have decided to leave the city temporarily. In the meantime Russia, the country neighboring China where the Songhua river joins the Amour, has declared a state of emergency in this region starting next Friday even though the Chinese authorities have affirmed that the pollution will reach Russian territory only after two weeks.


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