Google Wave

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Google Wave es un nove systema integrate disveloppate per Google que ha multe possibilitates pro interlinguistas qui vole usar lo pro promover le uso del lingua e disveloppar su capacitates de expression.

Un gruppo de informaticos de Google comenciava a disveloppar Google Wave ante un pauco plus que un anno in Sydney, Australia. Le systema es assatis nove, e, secundo lo que io comprende, un invitation es necesse pro participar in le systema in iste momento, ma il es assatis facile obtener un tal invitation.

Le systema es nunc assatis disveloppate que un gruppo de usatores de Google Wave ha publicate un manual pro su uso, “The Complete Guide to Google Wave”, disponibile a [].

Iste publication es anque disponibile in espaniol “Guía complete a Google Wave” e francese “Le guide complete Google Wave”. Il ha anque versiones in japanese e koreano.

Io es un membro de Google Wave, ma io non ha comenciate a usar lo. Ben que io cognosce su structura general, io totevia non cognosce le detalios necesse que on debe apprender pro usar lo efficacemente. Io recommenda tamen que on comencia a studiar iste publication proque io crede que il es ben probabile que le systema de Google Wave va a esser un importante maniera de crear equipas de collaboratores in le futuro pro un grande diversitate de projectos.

Google Wave is a new integrated system developed by Google that has many possibilities for Interlinguists who want to use it to promote the use of the language and develop its expressive capabilities.

A group of computer engineers from Google started developing Google Wave a little more than a year ago in Sydney, Australia. The system is rather new, and, according to what I understand, an invitation is needed to participate in the system at this moment, but it is rather easy to get such an invitation.

The system is now sufficiently developed that a group of Google Wave users has published a manual for its use, “The Complete Guide to Google Wave,” available at [].

This publication is also available in Spanish, “Guía complete a Google Wave,” and French, “Le guide complet Google Wave.” There are also versions in Japanese and Korean.

I am a member of Google Wave, but I haven’t started to use it. Though I know its general structure, I still do not know the necessary details that must be learned to use it effectively. I recommend, however, that people start studying this publication because I believe that it is quite probable that the Google Wave system is going to be an important way of creating teams of collaborators in the future for a great variety of projects.


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