Obama confessa que le Statos Unite viola derectos human.

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Le administration de Barack Obama ha confessate al Nationes Unite que le Statos Unite ha essite negligente in le protection de derectos human ma que le systema politic del Statos Unite es assatis forte in su structura que illo pote gradualmente remediar iste problemas.

In su prime reporto al Consilio de Derectos Human del Nationes Unite sur le conditiones in le Statos Unite, Obama diceva que alicun americanos, notabilemente minoritates, totevia es victimas de discrimination. In despecto del elimination de problemas como le sclavitute e le derecto de mulieres al voto, le reporto dice que le Statos Unite totevia ha besonio de multe progresso in le area de derectos human.

“Ben que nos ha resolvite alicun problemas grande”, diceva le reporto, “multo travalio essera necesse pro assecurar le equalitate ante le justitia pro omne americanos”.

Le reporto nota que ben que le Statos Unite nunc ha un presidente afroamerican e que su feminas e hispanicos ha ganiate major successo social e economic, grande segmentos del societate american suffre de politicas e practicas injuste.

Alte taxas de disempleo, crimines de odio, povressa, allogiamento inferior, e practicas discriminatori in le empleo totevia afflige afroamericaos, latinos, musulmanes, asianos meridional, gente aboriginal del Statos Unite, e gays e lesbianas in le Statos Unite.

Le reporto, cuje fontes esseva in parte reuniones que functionarios del governamento federal del Statos Unite habeva con gruppos de minoritates desde januario, anque citava le preooccupationes de activistas luctante contra violationes de derectos civil contra immigrantes e discrimination contra le minoritates racial per diverse agentias de policia in le Statos Unite.

Le publication del reporto provocava un reception optimiste ma caute per activistas de derectos civil, ma illo probabilemente essera fortemente criticate per conservativos american.

Obama confesses that the United States violates human rights.

The Obama administration has confessed to the United Nations that the United States has been negligent in the protection of human rights but that the political system of the United States is strong enough in its structure that it can gradually remedy these problems.

In its first report to the United Nations Council on Human Rights, Obama said that some Americans, notably minorities, still are victims of discrimination. Despite the elimination of problems such as slavery and the right of women to vote, the report says that the United States still is in need of a lot of progress in the area of human rights.

“Though we have solved some large problems,” said the report, “a great deal of work will be necessary to assure equality before the law for all Americans.”

The report noted that although the Untied States now has an Afro-American president and that its women and Hispanics have gained a great deal of social and economic success, large segments of American society suffer from unjust policies and practices.

High rates of unemployment, hate crimes, poverty, substandard housing, and discriminatory practices in employment still afflict African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Southern Asians, Native Americans, and gays and lesbians in the United States.

The report, which was sourced partly from meetings that federal government officials had with minority groups since January, also cited the concerns of activists fighting civil-rights violations against immigrants and discrimination against racial minorities by various police agencies in the United States.

The publication of the report provoked an optimistic but cautious reception by civil-rights activists, but it probably will be strongly criticized by American conservatives.


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