Si vos vermente vole proteger vostre information personal, vos nunquam debe usar Internet.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Le rete electronic international es simile a un cerebro, e su servitores ha characteristicas que es simile al neurones de un cerebro. Ma le differentia inter le servitores de Internet e le neurones biologic es que iste computatores pote immagazinar ingente quantitates de information.

Quando on invia information de omne tipos a Internet, illo pote esser immagazinate permanentemente in plus que un servitor.

Sitos in Internet que dice que illes ha forte politicas pro salveguardar le information personal de lor usatores es plen de merda a causa del structura de Internet mesme.

Mesmo Diaspora, un sito social de Internet que sta a disvellopar se pro permitter que su usatores controla lor information personal de un maniera facile, precise, e secur per le uso de un interfacie con structuras simple e intuitive que su programmatores sta a designar non potera complir iste objectivo a causa del structura physic e electronic de Internet.

Mesmo Bill Gates pareva oblidar iste factos elementari quando ille usava posta electronic pro disveloppar le strategias monopolistic de Microsoft. Sin dubito, ille credeva que iste messages nunquam poterea esser revelate al governamento statounitese, ma nostre departamento de justitia federal poteva trovar e usar los in su processo legal contra Microsoft causate per su practicas monopolistic.

Rebus sic stantibus, si vos vermente vole preservar vostre information personal, vos nunquam debe usar Internet proque eventualmente le major parte de illo potera esser collegite e revelate multo simplemente a personas qui ha cognoscimentos sophisticate del informatica e del structura del systema de communication electronic international.

If you really want to protect your personal information, you never should use the Internet.

The international electronic network is similar to a brain, and its servers have characteristics that are similar to a brain’s neurons. But the difference between Internet servers and biological neurons is that these computers can store gigantic amounts of information.

When a person sends information of all sorts to the Internet, it can be permanently stored in more than one server.

Internet sites that say that they have strong policies for safeguarding the personal information of their users are full of shit because of the structure of the Internet itself.

Even Diaspora, a social website that is being developed to allow its users to control their personal information easily, precisely, and securely through the use of a simple and intuitive interface that its programmers are designing will not be able to accomplish this goal because of the physical and electronic structure of the Internet itself.

Even Bill Gates seemed to forget these elementary facts when he used e-mail to develop Microsoft’s monopolistic strategies. Without doubt, he believed that these messages could never be revealed to the U.S. government, but our federal department of justice was able to find and use them in the legal action it took against Microsoft because of its monopolistic practices.

Rebus sic stantibus, if you really want to preserve your personal information, you never should use the Internet because most of it will eventually be able to be collected and revealed quite simply to people who have a sophisticated knowledge of computer science and of the structure of the international electronic communications system.


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