Un exemplo del tipo de problemas que presenta le uso del traductor de Google

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Le uso del traductor electronic de Google pote esser un maniera excellente de deteger errores typographic.

Ecce un exemplo: Un vice in un texto in anglese io scribeva le parola “folrk” in vice de “fork” in le proposition “I ate it with a fork” (il lo mangiava con un furchetta). Le traduction que io recipeva esseva “Me lo comí con un folrk”.

Immediatemente io videva iste error typographic, e io lo corrigeva in le proposition orignal. Ma le traduction que Google me dava pro “I ate it with a fork” esseva “Yo se lo comió con un tenedor,” que es incoherente in espaniol, e io tunc cambiava le traduction a “Me lo comí con un tenedor”.

Iste breve exemplo monstra porque un traductor qui usa Google debe cognoscer assatis ben ambe linguas con le quales ille travalia pro corriger traductiones erronee producite per iste systema.

An example of the kind of problems presented by Google’s translator

The use of Google’s electronic translator can be an excellent way of detecting typographic errors.

Here is an example: Once in an English text I wrote the word “folrk” instead of ”fork” in the sentence “I ate it with a fork.” The translation that I got was “Me lo comí con un folrk.”

I immediately saw this typographic error, and I corrected it in the original sentence. But the translation that Google gave me for “I ate it with a fork” was “Yo se lo comió con un tenedor”, and I then changed the translation to “Me lo comí con un tenedor”.

This brief example shows why a translator who uses Google should know rather well both languages he is working with to correct erroneous translations produced by this system.


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