Wikipedia, un excellente fonte de textos pro studentes de linguas

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Wikipedia es un fonte excellente de textos in un grande varietate de linguas que studentes de linguas pote facilemente trovar pro adjuvar les in lor studios. Io discoperiva isto recentemente quando io voleva cercar alicun informationes sur le compositor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Post intrar +Mozart +Wikipedia in le motor de cercas de Google, io immediatemente trovava un breve biographia de Mozart. Al leve del articulo, io anque trovava un lista de altere articulos sur Mozart in un grande varietate de linguas, multes de illos linguas minoritari de Europa.

Io tunc trovava simile articulos intrante, pro exemplo +Beethoven +Wikipedia e +Newton +Wikipedia.

Le articulos que vos pote trovar de iste maniera pote esser un excellente introduction a iste linguas minor proque illos es sur themas ben cognoscite a personas instruite–que facilita grandemente lor lectura.

Non omne iste articulos es identic in lor contento. Alicunes de illes es plus elaborate que alteres. Ma si vos vole comenciar le studio de, que nos dice, le catalan o le asturiano, vos potera facilemente trovar breve textos biographic pro practicar le lectura de iste linguas e probabilemente anque textos sur un varietate de altere themas de un interesse commun.

Explorante un varietate de themas de interesse general de iste maniera, vos probabilemente poterea colliger un anthologia de textos assatis grande pro vostre studios in multo pauc tempore.

Wikipedia, An Excellent Source of Texts for Language Students

Wikipedia is an excellent source ot texts in a great variety of languages that language students can easily find to help them in their studies. I discovered this recently when I wanted to find some information about the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

After entering +Mozart +Wikipedia in Google’s search engine, I immediately found a brief biography of Mozart. To the left of the article I also found a list of other articles on Mozart in a great variety of languages, many of them minority languages of Europe.

I then found similar articles entering, for example, +Beethoven +Wikipedia and +Newton +Wikipedia.

The articles that you can find this way can be an excellent introduction to these minor languages because they are about subjects that are well known to educated people–which makes it very easy to read them.

Not all of these articles are identical in their content. Some of them are more elaborate than others. But if you want to start studying, let’s say, Catalan or Asturian, you can easily find brief biographical texts for practicing reading in these languages and probably also texts on a variety of other subjects of common interest.

By exploring a variety of subjects of general interest in this way, you probably could collect a rather large anthology of practice texts for your studies in very little time.


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