Le homeopathia

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Le Homeopathia es un forma de medicina alternative primo disveloppate per Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Illo tracta un maladia con preparationes multo diluite create ab substantias que normalmente causarea effectos simile al symptomas del maladia.

Iste substantias es diluite con un serie de passos, con succussion inter cata passo, secundo le theoria que isto augmenta le efficacitate del tractamento. Iste dilution es normalmente multo extense, e sovente continua usque le puncto del probabilitate que non remane ulle molecula del substantia original. Ma secundo le theoria homeopathic, iste solution diluite ha un “memoria” del structura molecular del substantia original.

Ultra le maladia mesme, le homeopathos pote usar aspectos del stato physic e physiologic del patiente pro seliger inter tractamentos. Postea on consulta libros de referentia create per altere homeopathos, cognoscite como “repertorios”, e un remedio es seligite a base de un lista de symptomas. Le remedios homeopathic es generalmente considerate como secur, con rar exceptiones.

Nonobstante, homeopathos ha essite accusate de poner patientes in risco con recommendationes a evitar le medicina conventional, como vaccinationes, drogas anti-malaria, e antibioticos. In multe paises, le leges que governa le regulation e prova del drogas conventional non es applicabile al remedios homeopathic.

Le assertiones concernente le efficacia del homeopathia (ultra le effecto placebo) non es appoiate per evidentia scientific e clinic confiabile. Un effecto pharmacologic specific in le absentia de moleculas active es scientificamente implausibile e viola plure principios fundamental del scientia.

Un parve numero de experimentos appoia le efficacia del homeopathia como un systema therapeutic efficace, ma le resultatos non es definitive e non ha essite replicate. Del altere parte, plure experimentos de bon qualitate existe que examina remedios homeopathic e non los ha appoiate como clinicamente utile.

A causa del manco de evidentia scientific convincente demonstrante le efficacia del homeopathia e su uso de remedios sin ingredientes active, le homeopathia ha essite describite como pseudoscientia.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine first developed by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It treats an illness with heavily diluted solutions created from substances that would normally cause effects that are similar to the symptoms of the illness.

These substances are diluted in a series of steps accompanied by shaking between each step, according to the theory that this increases the effectiveness of the treatment. This dilution is normally very extensive and often continues to the point that probably no molecule remains of the original substance. But according to homeopathic theory, this diluted solution has a “memory” of the molecular structure of the original substance.

Beyond the illness itself, homeopaths can use aspects of the physical and physiological state of the patient to select specific treatments. Afterwards they consult reference books created by other homeopaths known as “repertories,” and a remedy is selected on the basis of a list of symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are generally considered to be safe, with rare exceptions.

Nevertheless, homeopaths have been accused of putting patients at risk with recommendations to avoid conventional medicine, such as vaccinations, anti-malaria drugs, and antibiotics. In many countries the laws that govern the regulation and testing of conventional drugs are not applicable to homeopathic remedies.

Statements about the effectiveness of homeopathy (other than the placebo effect) are not supported by reliable scientific and clinical evidence. A specific pharmacological effect in the absence of active molecules is scientifically implausible.

A few experiments support homeopathy as an effective therapeutic system, but the results are not definitive and have not been replicated. On the other hand, several experiments of good quality exist examining homeopathic remedies and have not shown them to be clinically useful.

Because of the lack of convincing scientific evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of homeopathy and its use of remedies without active ingredients, homeopathy has been described as a pseudoscience.


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