Ressources bibliographic pro interlingua publicate per H. Kyson Jr.

(Languages of this post: Interlingua, English)

Ecce un lista del ressources bibliographic que io ha publicate usque nunc. Omnes es benvenite a discargar los completemente gratuitemente si illes vole studiar interlingua, su linguas fonte, o si illes vole usar los pro producer antologias de textos e publicationes didactic pro altere linguas planificate:

(1) Interlingua multilingue, que es disponibile a [] e [].

(2) Interlingua in interlingua, que es disponibile a [] and [].

(3) Interlingua, curso de conversation, que es disponibile a []. Un melior version de iste curso redigite per Erik Enfors e Bent Anderson es disponibile como un documento de 142 paginas in le formato pdf a [].

Interlingua Bibliographic Resources Published by Harleigh Kyson Jr.

Here is a list of the bibliographic resources for Interlingua that I have published up to now. Everyone is free to access them at absolutely no cost if they want to study Interlingua, its source languages, or if they want to use them as the basis for producing anthologies of texts and learning materials for other planned languages:

(1) Interlingua multilingue, which is available at [] and [].

(2) Interlingua in interlingua, which is available at [] and [].

(3) Interlingua, curso de conversation, which is available at []. A better version of this course edited by Erik Enfors e Bent Andersen, is available as a 142-page pdf document at


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